Executive Committee

The Executive committee consists of four people namely: The Chairperson, Vice-person, General Secretary and the Bishop according to the new amended constitution (2019)
A. Rev. Willey Peter Mwasile - Chairperson (2020-2025)

The chairperson of the Provincial Board is the General Executive of the province. Rev Willey Peter was elected as the current Chairperson during the October 2020 General synod election which was held at Itili congregation. He will be in office for five years according to our constitution.

B. Rev . Robert Pangani - Vice Chairperson
The Vice-Chairperson acts on behalf of the Chairperson during his/her absence.
Rev Pangani was elected during the same General synod meeting held at Itili congregation. Before that, Rev Pangani was the District Chairperson of Mbalizi.
He will be in the office for five years (2020-2025).

C. Brother Israel Mwakilasa - The General Secretary

The General Secretary is the administrator of the province. He is mainly
concerned with administrative matters. Mr. Mwakilasa is the second layman to hold this  post since the establishment of the province in 1976. The first layman to be the General Secretary was Br. Laban Sikazwe (1984-1988).

D. Rt. Rev. Dr. Alinikisa F. Cheyo - The Bishop
According to the current constitution the bishop is now the member of the executive committee according to the 2019 constitutional amendments.